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Legal Notice 

Section 1 - General Matters

Institutional Information
 TUANYS, S.C.P., is located at Calle Bertrá nº 144, Barcelona 08023 (Spain), and N.I.F. J65619678.
Acceptance of the General Conditions
The  navigation, utilization and/or the acquisition of any of the services offered on this webpage is attributed to the User under the conditions of this notice.  Its full acceptance without any reservations of all and each one of the General Conditions currently mentioned is granted in the moment that the User signs into the webpage. 
TUANYS, S.C.P. will at all times and without previous notice be able to modify the present General Conditions by means of the publication of said modifications on the webpage with the purpose of it being known to the User in a previous nature the process of the offered services on the webpage. 
Section 2 - General Conditions of Website Utilization
Use of the Webpage
The User is committed to browse the webpage in agreement with the Law, and with these General Conditions that are considered good and moral customs generally accepted by public order, being of a strong importance to TUANYS, S.C.P or any other third party that might be subject to any damages or injustictes that could cause them to incomplete any obligations.
The User will abstain from using the webpage with means of making illicit content, contrary to what is established in these General Conditions, harmful to the rights and interests of any third party, or of any form that could hurt, render useless, overcharge, or deteriorate the webpage or the server being used, or delay the normal utilization or enjoyment of use.
 Equally, the User will abstain from including on the webpage any link directed to a seperate webpage that contains information or illicit content that goes against the moral and good customs generally accepted by the public order. 
In the assumption that it would be necessary for the use of any of the included services on the webpage to use the introduction of a Username and Password, the User commits themselves to protect their information and not to give them away to any third parties.  In the case of any emergency, the User is instructed to contact TUANYS S.C.P. as soon as possible to report any sort of theft or any other circumstance that could be commited by the improper use of the profile. 
Policy of Personal Information Protection of the User.
TUANYS S.C.P. recognizes the importance of the protection the intimate personal sphere of the User of the webpage, because of which are developed personal a Policy of Personal Information Protection of the User that makes it known that the User freely and voluntarily decides to give to TUANYS S.C.P. their personal information that are required on the occasion of use of the webpage and/or the solicitation of offered services.
TUANYS S.C.P. reserves the right to modify unilaterally in any moment without previous advisement its Policy of Information Protection of the User to adapt to the current legislation.
For the use of any of the services of the webpage, the User must previously supply to TUANYS S.C.P. certain crucial information (first name, last name, address, email, etc.) that TUANYS S.C.P. will treat with the  purpose of the commercialization of the offered services of the webpage; the arrangement, administration, dedication, extension, bettering, and adaptation of the offered services of the webpage to the preferences of the User.  This as well as the realization of promotional and publicity activities that can be of their interest to grow and better the services of TUANYS S.C.P.  to the desires and necessities of the User, and as a consequence to the access of the webpage will be permitting a personal navigation of the site starting from the study and segmentation of the personal and commercial information it is evident in the files of TUANYS S.C.P.
The User expressly accepts the inclusion of gathered information during the navigation of the website, or supplied by means of the completion of any forms, in this way being derived from the commercial relation and/or the submission of the acquired services in the automatized personal profile.
During the process of data collection, and in every location the website appears that solicits said information, the User will be informed, and by means of a hyperlink with the obligatory option of entering said information to obtain said services or not.
TUANYS S.C.P. is committed to the utilization of the information included in the files with respect to their confidentiality and will use them with the agreed purpose of the file, in this way giving completion to their obligation to guard and adapt by all possible means the avoidance of any alteration, loss, or unautharized processing or access.  In agreement with Code of Security Measures of the files that contain personal information, passed by Royal Decree, 1720/2007, 21
st of December.
The webpage has ¨cookies¨that permit TUANYS S.C.P. to obtain a series of information from the Users, such as the parts of the website visited previously by the User, and in this way being able to modify the preferred services.
If the User prefers to prevent the access of a ¨cookie¨ on their hard drive, it is possible to configurate their browser so that it will advise them on the screen of the reception of any ¨cookie¨.  This will stop the installation of them on the hard drive the website will still be able to function properly.
The User will have the right of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition to conform to the applicable norms with respect to their collected personal information agreed in the established aforementioned paragraphs.  The User will also be able to direct such effects to the following email:
Section 3 – Contents
Intellectual and Industrial Property
All of the brands, commercial names, or distinctive signs of any class that appear on the webpage are property of TUANYS S.C.P. or any third party that, in their case, are authorized by TUANYS S.C.P. in their inclusion and utilization on the webpage.
All rights of intellectual and industrial property about this webpage are legally reserved and the access or use of them by the User is not considered in any form the granting of any license of use or right of any active member whose ownership corresponds to TUANYS S.C.P. or any third party.
The total reproduction by any means of the Content, brands, commercial names, and distinctive signs of any class, included within the webpage, such as being on sale, transferrable, rentable, distributable, publicly communicatable, transformable, or any other form of themselves, without previous authorization expressed by the corresponding title, is totally prohibited and will be prosecuted with total force of the law, in accordance with the Laws of Spain and any International Treatises effected.
Limitations of Responsibilities.
TUANYS S.C.P. will only respond to the damages that the User can suffer as a consequence of the use of the webpage, when said damages are indirectly attributable. 
The User recognizes that the use of the website and the services offered within are carried out under their own risk and responsibility.
TUANYS S.C.P. does not guarantee, the access in any moment to he information or content of the webpage or those who have access to it as a consequence of the established links in it, and such information and content, their accuracy, actuality, sustainability, or their use for the purpose of the User.  TUANYS S.C.P. is not responsible for any damages that any act of nature can cause in the transmission, diffusion, storage, disposal, reception, or the access of the included content on the webpage or those that have access as a consequence of the established links. 
TUANYS S.C.P. is exempt of any responsibility of the damages and injustices of any natural effect that can cause the information or content included on the webpage or those who have access to it by any established links.
TUANYS S.C.P. is exempt of any responsibility of the unjustified use not authorized of the personal information (password) and for the lack of dilligence of the User in the conservation of their secrecy.
Equally, TUANYS S.C.P. is exempt from any responsibility of damages or injustices of any natural cause that can be due to the causes stated here but not limited to:
The presence of a virus or any other harmful element on the webpage, or webpages that can be accessed through the established links in it that can produce alterations in the information system, electronic documents, or files of the Users. 
Inferences, omissions, interruptions, faults, and/or disconnections in the operating functionality of the operating system or in the equipment systems of the Users, motivated by outside causes to TUANYS S.C.P. that prevent or slow the provision of the services or the navigation of the system. 
Delays or blocks in the use caused by the deficiency or overcharge of the Internet or other electronic systems that can be caused by third parties by means of illegitimate interferences outside of the control of the webpage and that are not attributable to TUANYS S.C.P.
The divergences of information, documentation, and/or any other content of the webpage that could exist between the offer and the content that will be the responsibility of THE PARTNER.
The impossibility to give service or allow access because of causes not attributable to TUANYS S.C.P., owed to the User, or third parties, or to supposed larger forces.
The responsibility of TUANYS S.C.P. respects the damages and injustices of any natural cause that could be attributed to the expressed agreement between parties, of the totality of any paid quantity by the User for the access of the offered services on the webpage.
Section 4 – Obligations of the User
In a general nature, the User needs to complete the present conditions in order to comply with the  instructions of the use of contents on them or on the webpage and will always have to conform to the current laws, and to the good customs therein, employing the adecuate dilligence to the service of its enjoyment, abstaining of the use of the webpage for any form that can prevent, harm, or deteriorate the normal functioning rights of TUANYS S.C.P., its providers, its Users or any other third party.
Specifically, and without being involved in the restriction of the assumed obligation by the User with the general nature of conformity with the previous paragraph, the User needs, in the use of the webpage, to give the certain services including:
In the case of registration, the User needs to give truthfully the provided information and to maintain and update them accordingly.
Not to introduce, store, or spread in this webpage any information or material outside that is slanderous, unjust, obscene, threatening, xenophobic, inciteful to violence and discrimination by the reason of sex, ideology, religion, or any other form attentive against the moral public order, fundamental rights, public liberties, honor, intimacy, or the image of any of the third parties.
Not to introduce, share, or broadcast by means of of the webpage without any program of order, information, virus, code, hardware equipment, or any instrument or electronic device that would be susceptible to cause harm to the webpage, in any of the offered services on the webpage, or in any of the equipment, systems, or networks of TUANYS S.C.P. or any User, or of the providers of TUANYS S.C.P. in general to any other third party or any other form that is capable to cause them any type of alteration to prevent the normal functioning within.
To guard adequately entry information that could be facilitated by TUANYS S.C.P. to the Users, like elements of identification, and paymasters for the access to the offered services on the webpage, compromising itself not to give up its use neither to allow the access to them by third parties, assuming the responsibility for the damages and injustices that could be derived by an unjustified use within.  Equally the User promises to comunicate to TUANYS S.C.P. with the fastest speed possible, their loss or theft as any risk of access at the login and/or password by a third party.
Not to carry out public activities through the webpage not authorized expressly through TUANYS S.C.P., nor use the contents and in particular the information obtained through the webpage to send publicity, to send messages with the means of direct sale of any other commercial end, without the collection or storage of personal information by third parties.
Not to use false identities nor the replacing the identity of others in the use of the website of any form of services of the webpage, including the use of passwords or keys of access of third parties or of any other form.
Not to destroy, alter, utilize for their use, render useless, or harm the information, programs, or electronic documents of TUANYS S.C.P. with their providers.
Not to introduce, store, or broadcast by means of the webpage anything that infringes the rights of the intellectual property, industrial property of any third party, or in general nothing contained to that which give a disposition to a third party.
Section 5 – Modification, Suspension, and Termination of the webpage.
TUANYS S.C.P reserves the right to modify unilaterally, in any moment and without previous advisement, the presentation, configuration, and contents, of the websited, following in this way the required conditions to use the webpage.
In the same way, TUANYS S.C.P. reserves the right to suspend or terminate, in any moment and without previous advisement, all or part of the offered services on the webpage.
Section 6 – Nullification.
If any of the clauses included in these present General Conditions would be declared fully or partially null or ineffective to contravene the applicable legislation, the same will substain the General Conditions in all situations, except that it would address the nullified clause of whose truthfulness dependent of the truthfulness of the General Conditions or of their determined supression a significant decrease in the equilibrium of the reciprocal benefits of the parties.
Section 7 – Complete Agreement.
The present General Conditions together with the Particular Conditions that, in their case, are established, contain the integral agreement between the respective parties to the objective material within.
Section 8 – Legislation and Applicable Jurisdiction.
The present General Conditions with the Particular Conditions that, in their case, establish and will be interpreted and govern conforming to Spanish Law.

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